New CoD: Modern Warfare / Warzone Patch Notes: Gun Tweaks, New Items, And More

A new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is out now, and developer Infinity Ward has published full patch notes detailing all the changes. It’s live on all supported platforms–PS4, Xbox One, and PC–and the patch notes are available below. However, be aware that it’s a two-tiered update that requires a different installation process than you might be used to on consoles.This update brings Modern Warfare and Warzone up to version 1.20. The traditional first half of the update is roughly 10 GB on PS4 and 13 GB on Xbox One. On PC, those who only have the free-to-play Warzone will see a 9 GB update, while people who bought Modern Warfare must download a 32 GB update. On PS4 and Xbox One, you will have another step before you can actually play online. The update includes another download called Data Pack 1. After you’ve installed the patch and select a mode, you’ll be prompted to install this Data Pack 1. After the download completes, you need to close the game and launch it again to continue playing. It has ballooned the game’s file size on all platforms, taking up a large amount of space on consoles’ hard drives. For stock 500 GB systems, it can eat up nearly half of that.For Warzone, the April 28 patch includes a few important updates and changes. First, there is a new item called the Armor Satchel, which allows you to carry up to 8 armor plates (up from 5). These satchels can be found in loot crates and they drop after taking down an enemy player. The Satchels do not themselves contain any armor plates; they only expand the number you can carry. There’s also a new type of Warzone contract, Most Wanted, which can revive your entire squad.Additionally, the speed and size of the gas circle has been adjusted with the new update. On top of that, Warzone’s cargo truck has been brought back into the Solos mode, though its turning speed, acceleration, and top speed have been nerfed. The update also moves the scoreboard so it is visible from the pause menu.In terms of general fixes, this April 28 update introduces a new “deadzone” option for controllers that gives you a finer level of control, if you wish. The update also fixes various exploits and out-of-bounds glitches, while it also fixes an issue that could prevent players from meleeing an enemy while on top of an ATV. You can see the full patch notes below.It appears the previously announced cheating updates–which brings new player-reporting tools to the game–is coming sometime later, as it is not mentioned in the patch notes.To mark the release of this update, Modern Warfare and Warzone are offering double XP and new playlists this weekend.Modern Warfare/Warzone April 28 Patch Notes:GENERAL FIXES:Added a Challenges tab to the main multiplayer screen for easier accessAdjusting how the audio is played for the Precision Airstrike so it follows the plane more preciselyFixed a bug where players using KBM in Game Battles could make custom weapon blueprints that could also be used in multiplayer or Warzone.Currently, white text will appear when someone is speaking, regardless of team. Now, when someone is on an enemy team, their text will appear red.Fix for an exploit on Hackney Yard while playing InfectedFixed a bug that would prevent players from being able to melee an enemy while on top of an ATVVarious out of bounds and exploit fixesAfter the last update, Talon’s character model appeared stretched with graphical corruption issues while in the squad walk. This has been fixedFix for some Season 3 emblems appearing with incorrect textFixed an issue with Kreuger’s eyes while completing a finishing moveFixed a bug where some watches were appearing in the wrong direction when gesturingFixed a bug where players could lose the option to pick their favorite Faction in the Operator menuFixed a bug where white lighting could be seen while moving or firing a weapon near specific locationsAdded a gamepad-only Deadzone option that allows players to adjust the inner range in which stick input will not be registered.Fixed an issue that prevented Party members from editing their CDL Loadouts when the CDL Quick Play Filter was active.Fixed an issue where the Auto Run feature would stop when players opened their in-game text chat.Fixed an issue that prevented players from zooming in/out on the Tac Map if Jump was bound on Mouse Wheel Up/Down.WEAPONS:Fix for a bug where completing the completionist challenges for the SKS are unlocking the associated camos for the RenettiFix for a bug where unlocking camos for the SKS was inconsistent with other camo challenges for marksman riflesFixed a bug where the “Hard Wired” skin for Alex would appear in thermals while Cold Blooded is equippedWARZONE:The ability to view available XP tokens is not visible in the Warzone Menu. This has been fixed.After being brought back into the match, a player was in a state where they couldn’t interact with the team’s loadout drop, and they had the revive prompt on them even though they were alive. This has been fixedAdjusted the speed and sizing of the circleWe’ve added the cargo truck back into BR Solos with reduced turning speed, acceleration, and top speedMoved the scoreboard to be visible in the pause menuFix for an issue where the After-Action Report was not displaying the total team earningsFixed a bug where players were unable to equip Armor Plates while Dead Silence is activatedNew item – Armor Satchel – finding one of these allows you to carry up to 8 armor plates instead of 5. These drop on death and can be looted by other players. These do not contain any armor plates by default, only increase the player carry amount. Guaranteed reward upon completing Scavenger contracts (replaces Gas Mask as the guaranteed item) Gas mask will remain rare in loot and purchasable at the Buy Station.Plunder: Plunder RatingWhen you finish a match of plunder you’re now given a rating in the form of a coin. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and more! The more cash your team collected the cooler the coin. Get above 3.5 Million to find out the highest rating!SPECIAL OPERATIONS:Fix for a bug where selecting the USEF 1 skin for the Mil-Sim Operator appears as the default skin in Co-opThe Munitions Shop can now be accessed while in the safehouse at the beginning of each Special Operation.Operation Crosswind: Fixed various situations where players could get stuck outside of the plane when the rest of the team regroups.Fix some rare instances where players in last stand could be revived, or have started a self-revive, but still bleed out anyway.Fix an instance where the player’s revive icon color could quickly shift from blue to red after they had been successfully revived.Fixed players being able to exit a Juggernaut suit, and then gain the ability to revive others even if they themselves were in last stand.Operation Harbinger – Players can now exit the safehouse earlier and ‘capture’ the first intel item faster following the dialog from Kamarov.Operation Harbinger – Fixed missing audio on the large cargo truck.Operation Crosswind – Fixed some instances of soldiers giving armored hitmarkers, but not having visible armor.Fixed an issue where a syringe could be seen floating while reviving a teammate.Fixed an issue with helicopter audio.PC:Fix for a bug where players using a Vega64 GPU could see corrupted outlines around their character models and weapons.Fixed a crash that occurred to players using a GeForce 900 Series graphics card when they loaded the Crosswind Special Operations Mission.PLAYLIST UPDATEModern WarfareBlueprint GunfightReinfected Ground War3v3 Cranked GunfightShoot the Ship 24/7 (includes Cranked and Grind!)WarzoneSolos, Trios, QuadsPlunder TriosMost Wanted Contract – Instead of a random Operator being marked on your Tac Map, you are voluntarily putting a Bounty on yourself for any squad to see in Verdansk. Of course, this great risk does have some great rewards…

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