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Cleaning your home: Guidance from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

PITTSBURGH —Is there a way to properly clean and disinfect your home amid the spread of the coronavirus?
Some of the most common recommendations we keep hearing over and over again: Wash your hands and wipe down commonly touched surfaces.
With all K-12 scho…
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The realistic wildlife fine art paintings and prints of Jacquie Vaux begin with a deep appreciation of wildlife and the environment. Jacquie Vaux grew up in the Pacific Northwest, soon developed an appreciation for nature by observing the native wildlife of the area. Encouraged by her grandmother, she began painting the creatures she loves and has continued for the past four decades. Now a resident of Ft. Collins, CO she is an avid hiker, but always carries her camera, and is ready to capture a nature or wildlife image, to use as a reference for her fine art paintings.

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