Kurulus Osman Season 4

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 108 Urdu and English Subtitles
These dogs tried to kill my son. While I allow them to survive in order to find out the truth… what are you still saying, Bengi Hatun? You should have killed them there. There is no mercy for the oppressor. We’re not showing them mercy! We bury our pain in our hearts for the truth. Be a little patient, Bengi Hatun. We all strive for the truth. How long will I be patient, Bala Hatun? My brother’s grave is empty. But I won’t leave it undone. Alps! Bring the horses, come on! Alps! Take him to the dungeons. Alçiçek… do what you can and kill that dog.

You know what to do. My Bey, someone is coming. It’s Kutan. Cerkutay Alp is coming, my Bey. My Bey. They gouged out the eyes of the three Alps that Öktem Bey sent to watch and killed them. To stain the heaven and the earth with blood… they are working hard, my Bey. Traps and intrigues… treachery that doesn’t come to the mind of Satan… wait for us. Then, we won’t make them wait for us. The pits they dug will become their grave.

They made our martyrs in Makri bait for us… and they’re waiting for us like a crow, my Bey. Turgut… show them that the Turks do not leave their martyrs without reciting Al-Fatihah. There is a lot for that dog to suffer before he dies, Osman Bey. They wanted to remove the emperor from his throne. We prevented it. We turned Constantinople upside down. We ran to the fire with gunpowder. And now they’re messing with us. Axes on their heads